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Don't trust people. They can make you feel top of the world for months and then...BAM! Leave you crying your eyes out in private for months to come. But before all that they will take you places that once had no meaning; the park, that tree by the school, even rooms in your own house; and kiss you in beautiful places so that you can't go back without seeing the ghost of what had once been. Love destroys in the most beautiful way possible. And once that person you loved leaves, you'll understand why storms are named after people...
Why Storms are Named After People...
my cousin just went through a really bad breakup and called me crying and it spawned this...not sure what else to say..


Twinkle~ Izzy J
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United States
I go by twinkle but my real name is isabelle.
I have many obsessions and like to get into things after their obsessions have died down-ex. smallville, kyle xy, supernatural, and doctor who- i'm weird but i like how i am and i like to talk about fictional characters like their real...yup thats me lol
Welcome to my page hope u like my plushies i make them, myself. if u want to buy any of them, just note me and hope u like some of my drawings too. i love art and making things:DD
im a really nice girl but piss me off and we have a different story!:P
Kaee, Bye.!
ps FOXY BOXES! lol
if you'd like to order a plushie or get a quote for one please email:
  • Mood: Lonely
Life just...really sucks right now. I guess I can't get over my last boyfriend but to be honest I don't think I want to..which sucks cuz I'm sure he's moved on....I mean its been 3 months and even tho we talk daily..lately its only been like one or 2 messages from him and there usually short maybe one or 2 word answers to stuff. He's had 2 gfs since we've broken of them he was making out with the week after we broke up. I kissed a guy a few weeks ago and felt guilty for some reason and told my ex and he flipped out....does that make any sense? He can have 2 different girlfriends and go out partying and stuff but I drink vodka while hanging out with a friend and he says I'm "stealing his schtick" and I kiss a guy on random impulse and he flips the fuck out on me....he does that any time I mention any guy..gets super jealous. I guess it just bugs me cuz he doesn't really have a right to. Have I mentioned yet that he wants me to wait for him to turn 18 so we can be together? I want to...I really do its just...I'm afraid I'm stuck hanging on something...I mean he just turned 17 and he has his life ahead of him and he probably won't even remember the girl he was in love with when he was 16......and it hurts cuz I know people change from when their 16. When I was 16 I thought i'd be with Josh forever and that we'd stay in love or whatever and get married and that everything would be easy, but it wasn't and we aren't and enough about him.....I guess what's really really bugging me is that college seems to have given all my friends this strength and courage and... I still feel like that high school freshman who followed her friends up 3 flights of staairs gus she wasn't paying attention and ended up being late to her first ever high school class. Lately I've been so alone and umm I guess I'm doing this here cuz I can't do it on facebook or to anyone cuz they always seem insanely busy.  Too much is going on and I wish I had somebody to talk to, help me get through all this, and idk tell me everythings gunna be ok......and everything hurts. My parents wanna kick me out if I don't get a job and I'm trying but no ones hiring me and they say I'm not trying and I guess it hurts cuz I'm the adopted daughter...and it makes .me feel like I'm being disowned and thrown away.  My friends getting ready for her first yr of college, my best friend in the entire world has a job and doesnt have time for me, one of my friends just had a baby so she has more than enough to deal with, and ive lost touch with my other friends....we still talk but after being appart for a yr its just awkward.  So that just leaves me sitting at home all day every day apply to jobs, hoping they'll take a chance on me, watching One Tree Hill on netficks, and waiting for around 9pm when my ex usually replies....the sad hing is sometimes I think about ending my pathetic life and I know that bad and wrong but I life just sucks...if you can help in any way you can text me at (871) 458-0567 or kik me....usernames the same as it is here just let me know who you are/where I know you from/how I know you

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hi how are u
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I have had writers block for the past month! Its totally annoying!i wish it'd go away so i could finish my story i started-about 2 months ago...- other than that I'm bout you?
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my lap top broke so now im using the one that I haven't used in a while
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That sucks! How'd ur other 1 break?
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