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hey guys! :) (Smile) If you wanna kik me my username is lonelytwinklegrl. Don't be shy lol Hug
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hey guys! :) If you wanna kik me my username is lonelytwinklegrl. Don't be shy lol :hug:
We live in separate worlds, he and I. His the Sun and mine the Moon. Although never destined to be together, we shared a brief eclipse. And though I don't wish to now, I must leave him be. For I am of the Moon and he the Sun. Besides, he has a stronger gravitational pull with another anyway. His earth. And she needs him far more than I ever could.
Sun and Moon
This popped in my head and won't let me sleep til its written and published....I'm not sure if it'd be considered a poem or a short story or what either so if i happened to put it in the wrong place let me know where it belongs so I can fix it. I saw a lot of those "for the sun loved the moon so much he died each night so she could breath" things and it sorta inspired this....well that and what me and another friemd are going through with a couple ex's. This felt so...theraputic to write tho and now I shall sleep. Night DA!


Chapter 1: Surprise?

"Mommy are we there yet?"

"Almost Chey, almost."

**10 seconds later at a stoplight**

"Mommy, are we there yet?"

6 year old little Cheyanne had asked that for the 5 hundredth time now. Her mother was driving her to a "very special suprise", knowing her daughter would love it to pieces.Cheyanne was very excited because she loved surprises, yet nervous. What if she wouldn't this one?

"We are NOW!"

Her mother sounded thrilled for her daughter as she pulled into a big parking lot. Cheyanne curiously looked out the window. Where were they? Her mother parked the car, unbuckled Cheyanne from her car seat and she hopped out. She grabbed her mother's hand and they walked up to the building.

"Where are we?" Cheyanne asked, her dark chocolate brown eyes locked on the unknown place. She was a very pretty blasian little girl. Though she was tiny for her age, she was intelligent too. She looked almost exactly like her mother, except she had brown skin. Her long and thick hair was jet black, and her smile could instantly light up a room. Make her laugh, and you will have her heart.

"We're at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!"

Her mother pushed open one of the double doors, and Cheyanne stepped inside.  She pulled daughter into a line to get their hands stamped.

It was a full house. The smell of delicious, mouth watering pizza immediately filled Cheyanne's nose. She stared at everything in awe. A huge smiled spread across her small face. The inside was bright and colorful, and the carpeted floor was a pretty red color like a red carpet premiere. Even a birthday party going on. Tons of noisy kids ran around with tickets and prizes in their hands, laughing and playing. Everyone looked so happy!

Cheyanne's attention shifted to the HUGE arcade area near the back. It looked as if it was filled with fun games! Not to mention, there was an entrance to what looked like an indoor playground. In the very front was a main show stage, though the curtains were closed. Cheyanne hoped with all her heart that there would be a performance while she was there. After she and her mother got their hands stamped, her mother bought her 30 tokens. Cheyanne happily took them and ran over to the arcade.

On her way, something caught her eye. She saw what looked like a mini stage in a circular shape,  surrounded by purple curtains that were decorated with tons of silver and white sparkly stars. Cheyanne stopped and read the sign aloud. Despite being 6, she was a superb reader.


She wondered what was in there. She wanted to look inside but thought Nah, what if i'm not supposed to? Then i'll get in trouble. So she continued to the arcade. She played all the games she could including Artic Thunder, one that she was still too small for, but she didn't car. She loved it and became addicted quickly. She tried DDR, Basketball, and when it came to Skeeball, she was phenomenal. She played against some other kids whom she impressed and yet, got extremely jealous. They all just astoundingly stared at Cheyanne, they "Skeeball Queen". After a final round, she grabbed the tickets she won, gave a small courtesy, went to trade in her tickets for a special prize, then happily skipped back to her mother at a table, reading her novel.

"MOMMY MOMMY! Look at the prize i got it with the tickets i won!" And Cheyanne won ALOT of tickets.

"That's amazing sweetie!" Said her mother giving her a high five. Suddenly the lights dimmed, and the audience erupted into loud cheers and applause. Cheyanne looked around immensely confused at first, but then it occurred to her what was going on when she saw other kids running out of the arcade, and into the dining area. She beamed with excitement.

"Is a show about to start!?"

"I think so! Here"

Her mother pulled a seat up beside hers and Cheyanne sat down. The curtains drew apart, and a spotlight shone onto 3 animatronic characters who were brightly colored. The first one in the middle looked like a brown teddy bear. He had a cheery smile on his face, and wore a black top hat that was tiny. He held a mic in his hand. The second one standing to his right looked like a yellow duck/chicken? Cheyanne didn't know which it was, but it wore a big bib that said LET'S EAT!!!, and held a pink cupcake in its hand that had no wrapper, and 2 large googly eyes. Now Cheyanne thought the cupcake looked stupid, yet she laughed. The last one to the bear's left was an animatronic bunny. He was purple and held an orange bass guitar in his hands. Cheyanne LOVED the color purple and she loved the sound of bass guitars! She already knew he was her favorite. The bear smiled at everyone and waved. The cheers from the children got louder.

"Hello everybody! Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! A place for kids and grown-ups alike, and where fantasy and fun come to life. Am i right?"


"FAN-TASTIC! I'm Freddy Fazbear, and these here are my great friends who also play in our band! I'm gonna let them introduce themselves for ya!"

"Howdy kids!" Said the duck/chicken. "I'm Chica the Chicken! and I LOOOVVVEEEE food very much! Mmm mmm mmm, especially pizza! Hey Freddy, hehe, wanna go grab a slice with me??"

“Oh Chica how I’d love to! But we didn't even performed our song for the kids yet, and they haven’t  met our good friend Bonnie!”

Freddy and Chica simultaneously turned to Bonnie.

"Hey there kids! I'm Bonnie the bunny! And i'm ready to perform and sing one of our fun, fun songs for you guys! Hey Freddy, Chica, are you?"

"Anywhere at anytime!" Said Freddy.

"That sounds fun! But can we eat some pizza first? I'm staaaaaaaarving!"

"Pizza sounds mighty delicious! But the kids have been waiting to hear some songs. So i say we sing first, and THEN we can eat!" Said Bonnie.

"What do you think Freddy?"

"Bonnie's right Chica" Said Freddy. "We need to sing them our songs first! And then, we can eat all the delicious pizza we want, i promise! 1,2,3,HIT IT!"

Bonnie started out strumming a little solo on his bass, and that's when a ton of noisy kids ran towards the stage and it became to loud. Cheyanne became irritated, so she ran to the stage as well, though she stood away from everyone else. She was ecstatic when she could finally hear again.

As the animatronics performed their songs, little Cheyanne loved it to the moon and back. Though she didn't know the words, she still tried to sing along.

During one of the songs, a crazy little boy ran upon to the stage and tried to snatch Freddy's microphone away from him. This made Freddy and Cheyanne very confused. Chica noticed from the corner of her eye and stared, and when Bonnie turned to look, he caught himself not strumming anymore. Freddy kept the mic away from him and even switched it to his other hand, but the little boy began to climb onto him to get it. Freddy grew impatient, and had a "Wtf" look on his face. He held up his hand to cut the song. Bonnie and Chica had already stopped, and Freddy called out secuirty. The security men had to pry the boy off Freddy and take him back to his parents. The animatronics still continued to perform, but Cheyanne still had to process what just happened.

When the songs were over, so was the show. Cheyanne didn't want that! She wanted to hear more and more and more! For most of the show, she kept her eyes on Bonnie. She loved watching him play his bass. She wished to learn how to play bass someday.

"So, ummm, about that pizza...." Chica began.

"Yes Chica, i say we all go grab a slice of delicious pizza. All that singing and playing has made me HUNGRY!" Said Bonnie.

"Come on everyone, LET'S EAT!!!" Said Freddy. The audience cheered and the curtains closed. All the lights came back on, and Cheyanne ran back to her mother to eat some pizza that has been brought to her table. As she ate, she saw her mother look past her. Her mom's eyes widened and she smiled.

"What?" Said Cheyanne, biting into her pizza slice.

"Hey Chey, turn around"

Chey turned around and nearly fell out of her seat. She smiled really big and gasped, almost dropping her pizza.

"T-t-THEY'RE MOVING! THEY'RE REALLY MOVING!" She said, bouncing up and down in her seat. She saw them walk down the steps on the side of the stage. She did not expect that to ever happen, but she was more than happy that it did. A ton of kids surrounded Freddy and begged for his autograph, and a girl with a group behind her came up to Chica pleading to bake with her in her bakery corner...but...Bonnie just stood all alone. 2 kids came up to talk to him for not even 10 seconds, and then went to Chica. He looked a little sad too. He went over to the further end of the pizzeria and sat in a chair. He stared at the ground. Cheyanne felt her heart break. Why? She thought. Why wasn't anybody talking to him? Did nobody want to? Why!?

Her mother saw her staring at Bonnie and had a brilliant idea.

"Mommy, Bonnie's all alone..." Chey said frowning.

"Hey, you know what you should do?"


"Go over and ask him to teach you how to play that bass of yours" Cheyanne thought about that for a moment, and her smile quickly returned. She and her mother nodded excitedly.

"Yeah?" Her mother said.

"YEAH, OKAY! That's a awesome idea!"

So Chey climbed out of her seat to go to Bonnie. Unfortunately, she started crying her eyes out on the way. She stopped and tried to control herself as much as possible. She wiped her tears and took a deep breath. She kept going, trying to make like nothing was wrong. She still just felt bad for Bonnie. She walked in front of him and smiled. Bonnie looked up. He was shocked and a little confused.

"Hi Bonnie!" Cheyanne said as happily as she could. She giggled, but Bonnie could see that something was wrong. He knew she had been crying. Was she lost? Did her parents leave her? Was someobody or some kids mean to her? Did she not know where the restrooms were? A shower of questions flooded his mind. But he didn't know what to do.

"Are you lost little girl?" He asked. Cheyanne shook her head.

"Was somebody mean to you?" Cheyanne shook her head again and smiled.

"No! I wanna talk to YOU" She said pointing."That's why i'm over here! And guess what?"

"What?" Bonnie asked, still puzzled. Seriously, Why was did this little girl seem so excited to talk to him? He wasn't the main attraction like Freddy, and he didn't have a tremendous baker's corner like Chica. All he did was play a "dumb" guitar on stage. So why? He couldn't get it.

"I want you to teach me how to play my new bass guitar!"

What?! He thought, his animatronic maroon eyes wideneding to the size of oranges. Cheyanne smiled and kept nodding.

"What? What do you-"

"I won it with all the tickets i had! I traded them in at the prize corner and got a bass guitar! And i want you to teach me! Will you pleeeeeeaaaassseeeeee?" She gave him the pleading puppy dog eyes. Bonnie REALLY DID play that guitar he held on stage himself.

"Please Bonnie? I wanna play like you!"

Awww! Bonnie couldn't believe it. A little girl really wanted to talk him, AND wanted him to teach her how to play bass! But still, why? Now Bonnie didn't answer for a few moments, but he knew he just couldn't say no.

"Alright. I will teach you" He said.

"YAAAAY! I'll be right back!" So Cheyanne went to go grab her guitar. It looked exactly like Bonnie's, except it was a lot smaller for a child. She climbed into Bonnie's lap, and he began by teaching her the basics first. Where to place her fingers, where and what each note was called, and he started off by teaching her a part of his solo from the very first song, which Cheyanne asked him to cause she fell in love with it. She struggled a bit. She wasn't that good at all, but she kept trying and trying anyway. She was having fun. Her cute little laugh even made Bonnie smile, and for once, he had fun too. Just then, her mother came over. She took a picture of Chey and Bonnie. They both smiled.

"C'mom Chey let's go. We need to leave" Her mother said.

"Aww already? But mom i-"

"Right now! You have to be at dance by 7:30 tomorrow morning, and i'm not about to have you show up late again like last time young lady. Now tell Bonnie bye. We have to go"

"Wait! Can we come back next week?"

"Fine. Friday or Saturday. Now let's go!" She took Cheyanne's guitar, and Cheyanne hopped off
Bonnie's leg. Her mother smiled at Bonnie.

"Bye Bonnie. Thank you for teaching me. I had fun. Oh, and my name is Cheyanne"

"Goodbye. And you're welcome, i had fun too" He said with a warm smile. Cheyanne gave him a hug and waved as her mother pulled her along. When she passed Freddy and Chica, she hugged and told them bye too.

Cheyanne prayed for the week to fly by in a heart beat. She couldn't wait until she could come back  and play her guitar with Bonnie again.
Baby Come Back!
Hey all! sorry I havent posted anything in awhile ^^" life's been stressful...
anywho this story was actually written by one of my best friends and she's afraid people won't like her writing so I've decided to post the 1st chapter so she can get an idea of how people will react to it....sneaky I know lol
This is a Five Nights at Freddy's story and thats about all I can say for now
neither my friend nor I claim ownership of the characters from Five Nights at Freddys - even though Bonnie is BAE according to her-


Twinkle~ Izzy J
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I go by twinkle but my real name is isabelle.
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hey guys! :) If you wanna kik me my username is lonelytwinklegrl. Don't be shy lol :hug:

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